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You get complete control over your Voice service and it’s all in one place! Our Voice servers are designed to meet needs from small clans to massive communities or businesses. If you don’t know a lot about running servers, you don’t know a lot about installing and configuring servers or want to offer a new location for your clan without spending the money on the infrastructure needed to open a new location, then this is perfect for you.

The concept behind our voice based services is quite advanced and we have spent a lot of time developing a proper backend infrastructure to ensure that your Voice service runs without issue. With our advanced monitoring system we monitor every aspect of the environment that the Voice services run on to ensure that other users services will not affect your services, as we found this to be a major issue with other hosting providers.

We have also put a lot of time and effort into bench testing new hardware against Voice based applications to ensure that the hardware that is hosting your Voice based service is the best it could possibly be within todays current market. We pride ourselves in offering outstanding quality services and if you are not satisfied with our service let us know and we will do our best to correct your issues.
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